First and foremost, my books are dedicated to my Heavenly Father — without Him I can do nothing.

My books are also dedicated to the following people:

To my wonderful family, especially Jim, Ernie, and Mark, for their support and encouragement. I couldn’t have done it without them. And a special thanks to Cory, Joe and Matt Williams (grandsons) and Brandon Rose (nephew), for being my first readers, and for cheering me on.

To H. R. Williams, my good friend and fellow writer, for reading my first real draft, for his great advice—and for making me believe I could write. 

To Kathleen Loughnane Ernst and to her students in Cincinnati, Ohio, for reading and reviewing my first book—and for asking “When will the second one be finished?” Kathleen and her students do not know me, so their opinions gave me great encouragement, and Kathleen has been a valuable advisor.

To my good friend, fellow writer, and editor, Joanne Hirase-Stacey, for her expert editing and advice—and for giving me the push that I needed. 
To Michael Creed for shooting such great photos and for giving me permission to use them.

To Lori Jones for helping me set up my website and my other ‘spots’ on the Internet, for helping me create my PowerPoint presentations, and for her encouragement.

To my good friend, Elaine Canady, for helping me with my website and for encouraging me with my writing.

Special appreciation to my sister, Marie, for telling me, "You need to write books, Sis. Don't waste any of your precious time. Write!"

To all my relatives and friends who have given me encouragement. You always lift me up and I thank you for that.

Voiceover Talent: Kirk Whiteside and Sarah Higgins

Recording/Production: Tim Vent 

Years ago I heard Barbara Sher, a terrific motivational speaker, give some great advice. She said to always tell others about your dream, for you never know who may offer to help you. Thank you, Barbara. You were right, and I am so blessed.

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