About The Mystery of the Dogman:

"I won't go into this book's plot.  You can read the synopsis for yourself. What it has going for it (that the vast majority of books aimed at young folks doesn't) is great characterisation, believable characters, a fast-moving pace and a great ending with plenty of suspense.  A lot of goodies in a package that even an older adult could enjoy.  A significant plus is that there's no objectionable language or sexual innuendo involved--proof positive that great things can transcend our decadent society.  A wonderful read all around.  I can't wait for the next one." 

                                                                                            Rebel Jim
                                                             (posted on www.barnesandnoble.com)

Just finished reading this mystery novel for my junior high-high school library. It was passed on to me by one of my elementary library para-educators. Thoroughly enjoyed it and planning to add it to our collection to share with our students who all love a good mystery. It has well developed suspense but not too scary. It would appeal to just about any student, however I am thinking it would be perfect for my junior high students who love animals. A great "who-dunnit?" with twists and turns, love of family, and compassion for others. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

                                                            Cynthia Stogdill, District Media Specialist
Lakeview Community Schools
                                                            Columbus, NE
                                                        (posted on www.goodreads.com)

Hi, my name is Isabel and I'm a big fan of your book. I'm into mystery and finding clues.  Wanted to ask when is your next book, The Mystery of Bonner House, going to come out? Well, thank you! 

P.S. Do you have any other books?                                    

(via email)

I absolutely love this book! It is one of those books, once you begin to read, it is hard to put down. The suspense is thrilling! It is a must read for everyone, young and old. Can hardly wait for the next book to come out. I can't wait to read about what new adventures Jenny and Pete encounter in The Secret of Bonner House. I hope there is another book after that one. Is there a movie in the works? That would be awesome! 
                                                                          One of your loyal fans. 

                                                                          Helen Mooney 
                                                                          Hobart, Indiana
                                                                            .(via email)

The Mystery of the Dogman is a wonderful story filled with delightful, enchanting characters that quickly make their way into your heart. Anyone who loves a good mystery, dogs, and children will enjoy reading this book.


This is an awesome book for young readers.

                                                                       An anonymous reader
                                                  (posted on www.barnesandnoble.com)

by NannyTrutru80901 (ColoradoSprings) 

My granddaughter adored this book. It's a good chapter book that will keep them wanting to read more and more until the book is finished. She read it on her Kindle when we were on a road trip. She was so into the book that it was difficult to get her to look at interesting things we passed along the way. I have not read it since it was a children's book, but, since she seemed to have enjoyed it so much, I just might anyhow!

                                                              (posted on www.Amazon.com)

My 8 year old daughter loved it, 1 Jun 2011 
by charms 

My daughter and I thought this book was brilliant. She loves her own 2 dogs so could relate to Jenny's relationship with her dog, Sam. She thoroughly enjoyed the adventure story and she loved reading it on my Kindle. I am thrilled because this has re-kindled her love of reading!

                                                       (posted on http://www.amazon.co.uk)

5 stars 

This review is from: The Mystery of the Dogman (The Jenny & Pete Mystery Series) (Kindle Edition) 

This is a very good mystery! I found it hard to stop once I started reading. Anyone who likes mysteries will like this one and not just kids! 

                                                               By Ernest 
                                                   (posted on www.Amazon.com)

This review is from: THE MYSTERY OF THE DOGMAN: A Story of Adventure and Friendship for Kids Who Love Dogs, Ghosts, Angels and Best Friends - A Jenny & Pete Mystery (Kindle Edition)  

Jenny, a young teen is mourning the loss of her dad and to add to that misery she has to move to a new location. The only consolation is Pete, to her relief she has a friend living in the garage apartment on their property. Pete also is fatherless. They have an instant bond.

Both kids have to overcome many obstacles. They are both brave for their age and of course Pete is an amateur detective. He specializes in missing people. Pete helps Jenny fit in at school and they make many new friends.

There are reports of dogs being killed and eaten. Jenny is afraid the dogman is living close to them, she can't share this with anyone because she's afraid they will think she's weak.

Sam is an adorable dog, whom I fell in love with and I'm sure you will too. He's perfect for the kids. The book has an old time charm to it. This would be a great book to read to young children and for children who are beginning to read well on their own. 

                                                  Review by Cher'ley Grogg
                                              (posted on www.Amazon.com)

5 stars 

This review is from: The Mystery of the Dogman (The Jenny & Pete Mystery Series) (Kindle Edition) 

The Mystery of the Dogman (The Jenny and Pete series) was a very cool book. From chapter one it got me wanting to read what was next. Very Cool 

by Lori
                                                (posted on www.Amazon.com)

Just wanted to comment on your first book, The Mystery of the Dogman, and say how much I enjoyed it. I’ve always loved wild and wooly mysteries, westerns, and cops & robbers, but this book was so different that I didn’t realize how enjoyable it could be. I’m an outdoorsman, so I really loved the woods and the dog. I love dogs. Reading about Jenny and Pete, and Jenny’s dog, Sam, made me feel young again.

I also finished the second book, The Secret of Bonner House, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lady, you are a very good writer. Keep those books coming. I’m ready for the third one.

                                                                  J.R. ‘Bob’ Epperson

What My Readers Are Saying

A Note from Hays:

I appreciate my readers. A big 'Thanks' to all of you, and especially to those who have taken the time to write a review or send me an email. Hearing from you brightens my day.

I will post your comments or your review on this page.  

If you like my books, tell your friends.


About The Secret of Bonner House:

A suspense-filled mystery that’s hard to put down. Jenny and Pete are a couple of regular sleuths who have a knack for helping others while on their way toward solving Hamilton’s latest mystery. Hays Williams has a unique way of blending dogs, angels, ghosts, and UFO’s into a compelling adventure that’s a delight to read.


This is the second book in the Jenny and Pete series which began with The Mystery of the Dogman.  It is a nice continuation of their adventures as friends in their small community where there is always something unbelievable happening.  Williams does such a fine job of weaving a variety of characters together in a believable and understandable manner.  The reader can follow the story and keep track of everyone and their adventures. Jenny and Pete continue to unravel the secrets of Bonner House and the history of their community and its inhabitants. Williams does a fine job of incorporating history, values, friendship, and tolerance of others in an interesting novel for young readers. 

I would highly recommend this series for middle level or reluctant readers (both boys and girls). It is full of suspense, friendship, and faith. Additionally, the novels are not overly long but jam packed with plots full of twists and turns. 

Cynthia Stogdill
School Librarian/Technology Integration
Lakeview Community Schools
Columbus, NE 68601
(posted on www.goodreads.com)

This book definitely lives up to Ms. Williams' first novel. 'Nuff said. But it's really a fun read and though fiction, kinda gives young folks a better rep than they get nowadays. Good role models and great story. Sure hope another's due in no more than a month.                

Rebel Jim
(posted on www.barnesandnoble.com

This book was almost the best book i ever read. i would totally read it again. p.s. sam is even more smart then in thr mystery of the dogman.

Mark Freeley
(posted on www.Amazon.com)

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AboutThe Mystery of the Dogman & 
              The Secret of Bonner House

After reading both books, I need to say they are simply awesome. I’m the mother of four and the grandmother of three, and I wanted my children and grandchildren to have these books. The books are so down to earth about family and friends—it was hard to take a break from reading them. All of my children have dogs. Also, dogs and angels are at the top of my list of favorite things. The history, plus the excitement of ghosts and UFOs (in the second book) makes these books a must read for any age—the kind of books that keep you young at heart. If you love children, but sometimes wonder how they think, you must read these two books. I loaned my copies to one of my Sunday school students. Nathan is ten years old and he was so excited with the books that he now has his mother reading them. He loves to read and wants to know how soon The Tangled Web: A Mother’s Secret will be available. So, Hays Williams, please keep writing books. God has given you a wonderful talent.

God Bless you!
Marie M.
(via mail)

I know these books were written for young readers, but I love them, too. After my 11 year old son read "The Mystery of the Dogman", he said, "Mom, you have to read this book, it is so good!" Needless to say we both had to read "The Secret of Bonner House" as well. We are hoping for another book soon.

Leda Massey
(via E-mail)

I loved these books because of all the adventurous moments and mystery. I love all the characters you made and the fun of reading it. I can't wait to read book 3. I love your books! ! !

Nathan M.
(via E-mail)

I read a lot of books and I have found this series to be a welcomed break. I love a good mystery and I found these to be very enjoying and fast paced, page turners !! Good job Hays Williams. Looking forward to the next thing the kids get themselves into. 5 Stars 

posted on www.barnesandnoble.com

About The Tangled Web: A Mother’s Secret

Dear Hays, I ordered another complete set of your books yesterday . . . We have a wait list! Keep up the good work! Nothing better than a good mystery! 

Laurie (and your friends at Hobart Middle School)
(Via email) 

Loved the book! I'm glad I re-read the first two as I'd forgotten just how good they were. My favourite books are both mysteries and ghost stories . . . I feel so sorry for folks who don't re-read books, don't you? I love your characters, I love the stories, I love the happy endings, the decency, and best of all, the kids' reliance on God. Keep up the great work, ma'am. I can hardly wait for your next one since it apparently has a ghost as a main character.

by Rebel Jim
(via email)

Five Stars for The Tangled Web: A Mother's Secret, 
I am a Middle School librarian and the students have really enjoyed the Jenny & Pete mystery series. They were asking about the third book and when it would be out, so I ordered and got it right away, have a waiting list for it! The books are great. I know I look forward to this series continuing. Well-written and suspenseful. 

By Book Lady
Posted on www.amazon.com

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