The Mystery of the Dogman

The sign nailed to a big tree at the edge of the woods frightens Jenny. The woods are dark and deep, and she’s hated them for as long as she can remember. During visits to her grandparents’ house she always closed her eyes or looked the other way when passing by. 

Jenny’s life turned upside down when she lost her father, and now she’s been forced to leave Boston and start life over in her mother’s childhood home. She never dreamed she’d have to bike past the woods to get to school. 

Why would anyone put up such a sign? What’s really in those woods? Whoever heard of a dogman anyway? 

When Pete moves into the garage apartment behind her house, he soon becomes her best friend, someone she can confide in. 

And she needs somebody. 

The warnings begin and danger is everywhere. Jenny and Pete must find some answers—who, or what, is the dogman? 

Read Chapters 1 and 2
The Secret of Bonner House

Jenny is frightened when she and Pete discover a secret door in the basement of Bonner House. They learn the door leads to several rooms and to a tunnel that ends at the river. Why did someone build these, and who is the strange man living there? Is he the homeless man people see around Hamilton—or someone else?

The weird light and humming sound in the tunnel have Jenny curious. Are they connected to the shooting lights she sees in the night sky? 

Jenny and Pete make friends with the man in the tunnel. Further discoveries have them wondering if the former owner of Bonner House was a madman. They search to find out what happened to him and to his wife and daughter, who seemed to have disappeared without a trace.

To help their new friend, Jenny and Pete have to talk to the old school teacher that everyone thinks is a witch. She has secrets that may help them solve the mystery.

What’s going on in Hamilton? And what strange secret lies beneath Bonner House? Jenny and Pete must find the answers.

Read Chapters 1 and 2
Books in the Series
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I am currently working on the next book in the series: The Mystery of the Confederate Ghost. What is the ghost of a young confederate soldier doing in Jenny’s attic? ​
The paperback version of my books is printed on heavy ‘keepsake quality’ materials, creating a book that will last for generations.
The Tangled Web

Bobby Roland is a born comic and impressionist. He’s multi-talented, charismatic, and popular with the other students. He helped Jenny Evans and Pete Montgomery with The Mystery of the Dogman and with The Secret of Bonner House. Bobby’s one desire has always been to find his father, and his mom won’t help.

When Bobby loses his mom in an auto accident, Jenny and Pete set out to find his dad. They’re sure his mom left a clue of some kind and are determined to find it. Because Bobby looks so much like a well-known state senator, they create a plan to get a sample of the senator’s DNA.

Another student creates big problems for them. Nigel Young, a spoiled rich boy, has aspirations of his own. He’s jealous of Bobby’s talent and is determined to beat him to the spotlight.

As they get closer to finding out the truth about Bobby’s dad, Jenny suspects that Bobby and Pete have a secret of their own. She never dreams the answer will be revealed on Christmas Day. 

Read Chapters 1 and 2

Small Business Web Sites by Elaine
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