Jenny’s world turned upside down when her father died. Now she and her mom must start over in her mother’s childhood home. She’s scared of the dark woods she must bike past to get to school—and of that awful Dogman sign. When Pete moves into their garage apartment, he soon becomes her best friend. The warnings begin and danger is everywhere. Jenny and Pete must find some answers. Who, or what, is the Dogman?

Come and join Jenny, Pete, and Sam as they work together to solve a mystery that has baffled the police for weeks.
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Scenes from The Secret of Bonner House
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Jenny is frightened when she and Pete discover a secret door in her basement. It leads to an underground tunnel and several rooms, and a man is living there. Who is he? What is the strange light and humming sound? Are they connected to the shooting lights in the night sky? What’s going on in Hamilton? What strange secret lies beneath Bonner House? Jenny and Pete must find the answers.
What danger awaits Jenny 
and Pete at the river?
The Jenny & Pete Mystery Series
A Children's Mystery Series

by Hays Williams